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Drones for Good

Posted by Patricia Pepper on

In 2016, DJI announced an official partnership that will seek ways to integrate the use of drones into first-response missions. During the year, DJI has gained a deeper understanding of how aerial technology best adds value to emergency-service providers in different scenarios, environments and conditions. The joint DJI-EENA (European Emergency Number Association) program has provided carefully selected teams of pilots in Europe with the latest aerial-technology equipment, including DJI’s ready-to-fly Phantom and Inspire drones, its M100 platform and best-in-class Zenmuse XT thermal-imaging system. In this keynote, Romeo Durscher, Director of Education at DJI, will be sharing first findings on what the needs of first responders are, what solutions have been suggested, and how the SDK is an important component in this equation. 

Romeo Durscher is the Director of Education at DJI, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Romeo has established himself as one of the top aerial panorama photographers in the world, traveling to various locations and capturing some of the most stunning and inspiring views from above. Romeo founded as a place created to share tips, tricks and reviews of various UAVs and gadgets used for aerial videography and photography. Romeo’s work has been published in various magazines, newspapers and galleries across the globe. His latest adventure was flying DJI drones and broadcasting live on ABC Good Morning America from inside the world largest cave in Vietnam.

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