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No one should fly a Drone without insurance $75.00

Posted by Patricia Pepper on

There are 100's of pending lawsuits.  We offer Drone insurance on our website and we recommend you join the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics).  It includes,$2.5 Million liability insurance, $25,000 medical Insurance, $1000.00 fire insurance all for $75.00. There website  

If you own and fly a model (Drones, Aircraft, Watercraft) we recommend you join today.

What is AMA? The Academy of Model Aeronautics, established in 1936, is a world-class association of model aviation enthusiasts. Representing more than 185,000 members in the United States, AMA’s national headquarters is in Muncie, Indiana, also home to the International Aermodeling Center and the National Model Aviation Museum. The museum, the largest of its kind in the world, houses nearly 11,000 artifacts. Originally created to organize and support competitive aeromodeling, AMA has evolved and today has become the collective voice and advocate for its membership. Although many of AMA’s members fl y strictly for recreational enjoyment, competitive fl ying still plays a signifi cant role in AMA activities. For fi ve weeks each summer AMA hosts the National Aeromodeling Championships. Members from throughout the United States travel to Muncie to participate in one of more than 135 competitive events. As a member of the National Aeronautic Association, AMA is the only organization in the United States recognized to represent model aviation to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, the world governing body for all air sports, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Each year the AMA sends several teams around the world to participate in international competitions. Through the AMA Foundation, AMA supports outreach programming in the area of STEM education and has awarded nearly $1,000,000 in scholarships through its AMA/Charles H. Grant Scholarship Program. With more than 2,400 chartered clubs, AMA membership provides a connection to model aviation enthusiasts across the country. Boasting an exemplary safety program developed over 80 years, has resulted in AMA’s enviable record of making model aviation one of the safest, if not the safest, of any discipline that operates in the National Airspace System. AMA is proud of its past and is positioned to continue to be the country’s premier community-based organization representing model aviation enthusiasts well into the future. AMA Vision We, the members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, are the pathway to the future of aeromodeling and are committed to making modeling the foremost sport/hobby in the world. This vision is accomplished through: • Affiliation with its valued associates, the modeling industry and governments. • A process of continuous improvement. • A commitment to leadership, quality, education and scientific/technical development. • A safe, secure, enjoyable modeling environment. AMA Mission The Academy of Model Aeronautics is a world-class association of modelers organized for the purpose of promotion, development, education, advancement, and safeguarding of modeling activities. The Academy provides leadership, organization, competition, communication, protection, representation, recognition, education and scientific/technical

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